Commercial offer to develop a basic Android web app

A full-fledged but basic Android Web browser app is one that provides minimal Web surfing starting from a given page (that's hard-coded into the app). Minimal surfing means just that, it's just one app window that shows the current page, which changes when links are pressed. There's also the standard Android back button, plus the standard Android touch-screen functions like zoom in / out, moving the page in the window, keyboard typing when an edit box is tapped etc. . And that's about it. Specifically, no additional browser windows or tabs, no history (other than said standard back button).
You can see exactly what I'm talking about by taking a look at my own app.
In the meantime I wrote version 2, which adds the option to be placed on the Android lock screen. That's additional to the basic Web app functionality. But it can still be used as a model for a basic Web app, especially since by default the show on lock screen option is unchecked.

In addition to my project which I share freely, but you must be a programmer to be able to use it, I'm making here to anybody in the world an offer to write a basic Android Web app based on the page of your choice. It will be similar to mine, except of course for the actual start page, name, icons, and other things that personalize the app. But you can see exactly what I'm talking about by looking at my own app which you can find here. (Without the show on lock screen option, see above.)

It costs $100. (Again, without the show on lock screen option. That's to say, if you want that too, we can talk about it separately, but it will cost considerably more.)
The important thing: for this money you have complete control over your app. No strings attached whatsoever. Also, I'm not going to do anything more for you than write the app (specifically, I'm not going to submit it to Google Play or any other app store, or other things like this; this is your job, or if you'd like me to do it we can talk about it separately, but unless your offer is very tempting I probably won't do it). But, again important, your app will be ready to be submitted to Google Play. (I don't know about other stores, my app is on Google Play only. But it is the main Android app store available on the Web.) Which means it will be a signed release version, and have all the other info that's needed for it to be put on Google Play. You won't need to write anything else into the APK file (the app file itself).
(Unless of course you want it differently. You might have a signature file already and want to use it, and then you probably won't want to give it to me. Then of course I'll give you the unsigned release version and it's up to you to sign it. This is also a very plausible real-life scenario.)

Anyway, if you want to have an Android app that displays a Web site, and you're not a programmer, believe me, as of this moment (november 2016) you won't find a better offer. You can see details about why I'm saying this below.

Important: All this is on an as is basis. If for some reason you won't be satisfied with the app I write you, your only remedy will be a refund of the money you paid me, on condition that you stop using the app publicly. The details will be agreed by e-mail before I actually start the work. But if you don't agree with this provision, don't e-mail me on this subject. E-mailing me on this subject indicates your acceptance of the "as is" condition as said above.

If you're interested, e-mail me at intelnav@yahoo.com .

And now some context.
Before developing my own app based on the project from the Google Chrome development site, I searched the Net for an easy way of obtaining such an app. As said, it had to be a minimal but functional Web app starting from my rotating-cities world clock site. Of course I was prepared to pay some money for it, I didn't expect it to be free.
Somewhat to my surprise, I couldn't find an offer that suited me. There were plenty of possibilities, some even for free, but they came with strings attached, which mainly consisted of restrictions regarding the publicity that could be done with said apps. Sure, they were presented as additional benefits. We offer you for free a possibility to monetize your app, we give you the best and most fabulous tools available, everything will work fine etc. . We'll take a cut ourselves, usually 50%, which is a bit much but hey, they gave you everything. Sounds great, especially if you just wrote a site you're not sure if and when it will bring you real money. But if you bothered to read the fine print (which generally I have the bad habit of doing), you could see that things weren't that great actually. I'm not going to go into details nor indicate which sites I'm talking about. But if at some point you decided you don't like the conditions any more, it looked like you could opt out only by losing your app and all the time you spent with it was for nothing. Besides, the conditions were horribly complicated, you couldn't tell for sure how things would look like except maybe after studying them for a few days, which of course I didn't have the time to do. In short, it looked like you didn't have control over your own app with these sites.
It was either this, or there were other sites that gave you an app over which you did have control, or so it looked like, but they cost several hundred to a few thousand dollars. Seemed a bit too much, for a simple app that only needs to display a Web site.
So, as I said, being a programmer myself, though I had never developed anything for Android before, nor did I wish to become an Android developer, I found the sample project above and tried to write a simple Web app based on it. Of course, with a lot of (free) help from the Net. It took a little longer and was substantially harder than I thought it would be, and than I still think it should be, but in the end I did it. Over-all I believe I chose the best way available for me at the time.

Therefore, I share my updated project freely so that programmers can much easier do the same thing I did. And for non-programmers, I make this commercial offer of writing the app for them for what I think is the right price (actually, a very good price).


Copyright 2016-17 Vlad Simionescu